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January 13, 2009


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Amber Case

I am surprised that there are no comments on this excellent post. I am leaving you one to thank you, and to let you know that even though there are no other comments (yet), this post is valuable and probably influencing many others who do not have the time to comment because they are putting your advice into practice.


Ranjani G

Agree with poster above. Nice job. I would like to hear a little bit more about the reactions internally to your SMM efforts - any other questions you faced besides the ROI question? And how did you answer? Thanks.

Marko Bon

Thanks for both of your comments - Glad that some of this story may be resonating with you.

Ranjani -- although you're not asking about specific answers to the ROI question, I'd like to mention two:

1. The cost of running a Usability Lab on a product (like our recent redesign of the Checkout funnel) are far lower than the dollars lost to user-confusion on small functional elements within the pages. Actually we didn't run a Lab (they didn't want to fund it), and we lost some serious $$ far in excess of the cost of the Lab. So that was a strong UX-Practice ROI argument.

2. Our Corporate PR team can quantify the $-value of impressions of online mentions in the same way the quantify offline press-mentions. So when we've done blog-outreach campaigns we can absolutely point to ROI.

But your question is about *other* reactions. One of the most interesting issues for a luxury brand is "adjacency." We pull advertising out of books that run ads by more mass brands. So why would we want to be mentioned in a blog where the next story might be about a brand that we wouldn't be next to in a magazine?

I'll add some add'l posts on this topic, maybe re the above. Thanks again for the feedback.

Angharad J

I've stumbled upon this post, albeit two years later as I research the 'luxury' brand in social. Thank you for such an interesting and enlightening piece. I am developing my social career and am learning that although there are no wrong answers it's not enough to delve into a social space without a strategy, stakeholders' buy in (which is difficult if they just 'don't get social'), resource and integrity and passion for the field and the community in question.

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