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September 03, 2008


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Without the offline relationship, in this case, "Dentyne" could cross off one of its own goals, that of "cleaning breath." Even the most devout SNer can project themselves into the role of french-kissing with questionable breath and the anxiety that accompanies that. I think the implication is that offline relationships necessitate different preparation or adjustments. I mean, once I'm done sucking on my rotten molar, drinking coffee and getting ready to hit the club, it might be best to be fresh.

Marko Bon

You had me at "Rotten Molar."

The issue is that the Ad has nothing to do about the TRANSITION from online to offline, which I believe is fertile ground for a brand like Dentyne to explore. Instead they co-opt the online verbiage while the campaign's position is "the real way you 'accept a friend' is by hugging them, not by playing around online."

And this, in my opinion, is missing the point.


Although it's a rather clumsy transition, I see one with the banner: Make face time. Which is even more of an obvious nod than "friend request accepted." These are not necessarily "co-opted" I feel, but rather typographical (physical?) representations of an age-old feeling.
Don't get me wrong, I don't think this is a great advertisement: it's clumsy, it's obvious, it's ugly. But if they're appealing to a target market to chew gum when spending time "irl", then it did ok at getting the message across.


I think the ads make perfect sense. Dentyne is trying to show how we spend too much time interacting online with friends rather than face to face, and in a playful way using online terminology to push that idea.

I think it's a great campaign and it makes me smile.

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